Hope Better Foundation a non-government organization based in Pali, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. Our team’s mission is simple - no one should have to sleep hungry. Over the last 41 days, we have delivered more than 1600 food grain kits to those in need, in partnership with volunteer across the our village food grains kit distribution. 

In the midst of the on-going pandemic, social distancing is a luxury that India’s informal workforce of 450 million cannot afford. With the government lockdown order and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, several families are sleeping hungry -- in their homes, stranded at railway stations or state borders. 

To support all our community in Pali, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh during lockdown, Hope Better Foundation has delivered food grains of 1600+ food grains kits, vegetables and fruits over the last 41 days. Each food grains kits of approximately 20 materials. We have in place a team of well-trained food grains distribution who follow standard operating procedures to maintain hygiene and quality parameters. We have also started distributing nutritional and energy packed foods such as Flour, Pulse, Sugar, Rice, Red Chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, Garam Masala, Mustard oil, Salt, Gram Flour, Potato, Onion, Seasonal vegetables, Banana, Orange, and Dates. We are working with volunteer and some government authorities to make this possible. Daily, they identify localities where people are hungry and help us distribute the food there.
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